June 17, 2024

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Teleseminar Tip #26 – The 5 Steps to Creating Video Products With Teleseminars

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The following are 5 steps to creating video products with your teleseminars:

1. Picture – You can have a picture of yourself and the interviewee on the screen. This picture can be side by side picture. You can use any still picture that you would like. You will dub over the teleseminar over the actual picture.

2. Video – You can use programs such as Camtasia to create videos of programs on your computer. Camtasia is a program that can go through your any program on your computer and it will show you moving through the program. You can create a power point presentation and dub the teleseminar over the power point. You can also create a real video using a camcorder and have the teleseminar dub over the sound.

3. Website – Make sure to list your website on the bottom of the screen as well as the beginning and end of the video. This is a great way to brand your website with your video. This is created as an overlay over the video.

4. Editing Programs – There are many video editing programs out there. The video editing program on PC is Windows Movie Maker. You can create still videos or moving videos with Windows Movie Maker. Another PC program you can purchase is Sony Vegas. This program is easy to use especially with the tutorials. Apple Computer comes with their own iMovie program. The tutorials with iMovie is self explanatory.

5. Sections – A 60 minute teleseminar can create a minimum of 6-7 movies. You will want split your teleseminar into sections and have part 1 through 6. It is good to add a intro and closing music with your teleseminar sections. These sections can be used as the audio for your videos.

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