Knowing Your Responsibility: How Do You Manage A Dedicated Server?

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Internet hosting services have three types which are namely: virtual private server, colocation center, and a dedicated server. The last type which is a dedicated server is a web server you would be leasing that would be used for you alone. It is an exclusive web server that you and your web site would be using with no one else to share it. This type is great especially if your web site creates a substantial amount of traffic in a day and if you and your clients are overly protective about their financial information since dedicated servers are very much secure.

Another good thing about a dedicated server hosting is that you have full access to customization meaning you would be able to plan and maintain the traffic your web site creates in a day. The memory of the web server and the data processing power are included as well as part of the full access you would have once you lease or rent a dedicated server. The question here is after you do lease a dedicated server is how do you manage it? Plus the question of how to set up a dedicated server is another focus. Dedicated Server Setup is quite different from the set up of ordinary web server setups which I will enlighten you on in the later part of this article.

Setting Up Your Dedicated Server

First of you would, of course, have to download all the needed applications that your web site requires. Download …