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Computer Registry Cleaner Reviews

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When your Windows operating system starts to run a bit slow, a computer registry cleaner can help to unclog the registry and speed up the computer. The cleaner re-sorts and fixed issues with the registry, which acts a bit like a brain in how it stores information that is needed to be accessed later.

The registry is vital for Windows to run correctly. It tells Windows where vital parts of the operating system are stored, as well as settings and different configurations. Too much complexity or if it becomes filled up with old information that is incorrect, then this can slow down your PC.

Registry cleaners either come as small standalone software packages or as part of a larger security suite. Below we have our computer registry cleaner reviews and comparisons to help you pick a good one.

One of the good free cleaners is Wise Registry Cleaner. This little cleaner uses few resources to operate, scans quickly and cleans quite well. There is a useful undo feature for any changes made. The only downside we found was that you cannot easily select to only clean a couple of registry errors if the software has discovered 20 errors; it’s all or nothing. This lack of flexibility is made up for by the software being free.

Advanced Registry Optimizer 2010 is a good piece of software for cleaning your registry. The interface is easily understood and the scanning only takes a few minutes to complete. The latest version improves scanning speed, adds a way to prioritize running applications and has a boot-up accelerator. The trial version is limited in scope – only a few fixes can be applied – but the full version is just $29.95.

Registry Mechanic is a complete solution for registry problems. It includes a defragmentation application that can re-sort the registry to help Windows run more smoothly. Boot-up and time to boot is also given a tune-up. Registry scanning and fixing is on par with the other software detailed above, but again the scope is limited and the full paid version is $29.95 to release the complete range of features.

The alternative to an individual computer registry cleaner package is to purchase a complete security suite, like Symantec’s Norton 360 that includes Norton AntiVirus with spyware protection, performance optimization and data backup. A step further in computing utilities would be Norton SystemWorks Premier Edition which puts every kind of utility at your disposal to protect from viruses & malware, as well as monitor and fix your Window system.

Several of the software reviewed above can be downloaded with no commitment to purchase later. This way you can test a few applications and see which best meets your needs.

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