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IBM Lenovo Laptops Review – Latest Laptop Series, History, Trend, Strengths and Weaknesses

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IBM or International Business Machines Corporation can be referred to as the Computer Industry’s ‘Originator’. It’s the 1st ever organization in terms of creating hardware related to computers. IBM has the highest number of patents in the industry of computers. Expertise of theirs hardware and chip technology has let them attain the ‘Numero-One’ Status. The semiconductor industry cannot be thought of without International Business Machines Corporation. The brand name reputation is such that people rarely give a second thought about buying its products. IBM is, in fact, the brand which can be equated with superiority. They hold the credit of giving the 1st ever computer to the world due to which Science is known to take a gigantic step towards the prosperity of the world.

In the year 2005, IBM took a major decision of leaving their usual computer business. They then got in to hardware technology and main frames. Consequently, Lenovo, Asia’s computer giant bought division of PCs, i.e. personal computers of IBM and acquired the name of being world leading manufacturer in terms of computers. By making use of experience and technological support of IBM, Lenovo goes on to foray in to market of personal computers with amazing products of theirs.

History of IBM

A company’s character, the stamp put by it on its products, marketplace, and services- is defined and shaped over the passage of time. It deepens after evolution. IBM is in business for over 100 years now. They helped in pioneering IT over the last few years. Today, they stand in forefront of worldwide industry which is having the way revolutionized wherein people, organizations, and enterprises thrive.

Latest series

Lenovo laptops or say ThinkPad Notebook series of Lenovo has got been the victor of several awards so far. ThinkPad Series has been more productive. It also delivers higher performance. Heavier applications can be run with ease. Durability is also longer. Battery life of these Lenovo laptops is much more than their counterparts.

These Lenovo laptops are being made available today in five categories:

o SL Series (small business),

o R Series (Cost-effective enterprise),

o T Series (Premier performance),

o X Series (Thinnest and lightest),

o X Series Tablet (Convertible tablet),

o W Series (Ultimate mobile workstation)

Based on the various configurations, these prices will range from around $600 for the SL serie al the way to $1,800 for A well equipped W series.

Lenovo has since added its new lines of laptops, the IdeaPad laptops which are designed for home / small business in mind. These lines of laptops are generally meant for entertainment and usual home users. It is accompanied with basic features pertaining to entertainment and office work. Besides, support software package similar to the ones that IBM offered has also been included in the most recent models. Designs of these IBM laptops are sporty. Moreover, they provide you with affordable price and flexibility.

o U series – Ultraportable style. Top of the line, smooth and powerful 11.1″ or 13.3″ widescreen notebooks – perfect for on-the-go users who like to the best laptops possible,

o Y series – Family entertainment. 15.4” or 17” widescreen screens with multimedia features – gamers welcome,

o S series – Technology to go. Thin, light, easy to use. Perfect for first time notebook users, low budgets, light users, families needing an additional PC

Prices of these types of Lenovo laptops range between $400 for S series and $1,300 for the U series.

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