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Leading Company Sony in the Electronics Industry

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Sony is a leading company in the electronics industry. Apart from several other consumer products, Sony manufactures very high quality and high performing laptops and computers. In India, there is huge demand of Sony laptops. Its laptop brand is known as the Sony VAIO laptops. Sony Laptop Prices in India are well in the affordable range. There are large numbers of computer and multimedia professionals who reply upon the Sony VAIO laptops.

Established in 1946, the Sony is closely related to several advancements in the field of electronics. The VAIO in the Sony VAIO brand stands for Video Audio Integrated Operations. This brand represents the unique concept in the field of computing as it offers the features to use the audio and video along with the conventional computing. The logo of VAIO represents the analog and digital multimedia capabilities of this laptop brand. These Sony laptops represent the convergence of entertainment and technological features. The VAIO brand is counted among the top five brands in the world.

Sony Vaio SZ is among the latest series of the Sony laptops. These are feature-rich laptops which have more power and deliver top speed computing. These are cased into a lightweight carbon fiber casing. These are only one inch thick and have white LED backlight behind the 13.3 inch XBRITE wide screen.

Another series is of Sony Vaio FJ laptops. These are extra slim and light weight laptops which are designed in a very stylish manner. They are equipped with Pentium M 1.73 GHz processor, 100 GB 5400RPM SATA hard drive and 512MB of RAM. There is an inbuilt web camera also and a microphone. You can have web conferences with these features.

Sony Vaio FS is a new range of notebook PC. This range is designed for the people who need highly functional laptop within reasonable price range. This is compact laptop which is ultra-slim and lightweight. They are packed with latest Intel Centrino technology and the stand-out features like multi-format Double Layer DVD and Wide screen displays. The displays are equipped with new generation exclusive Sony X-black LCD technology. Some of its models are powered by the NVidia GEForce 6200 Go Silicon and NVIDIA Turbo Cache architecture.

If you are looking for laptops in affordable range, you can get information about the low price sony laptops by visiting online stores. To help you in deciding which laptop to buy, you can compare Sony laptops prices and features with that of other such as Compaq laptop prices.

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