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Is SEO for E-Commerce Different Than Regular Online Businesses?

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E-commerce is one of the most competitive markets across the globe today. With online retail biggies ruling this realm, it is difficult for the new players to survive the cut-throat competition. Well, there are some fronts through which they establish themselves digitally. One such area that is somewhat easy to conquer is that of search engine optimization. But, you need not forget that the professional support is necessary to improve your search engine ranking. This is because search engine optimization of an e-commerce website is completely different from that of a regular online portal. An experienced and credible S.E.O company in Chicago can tell you about the differentiating factors.

The factors we discuss below also help you understand how search engine optimization strategies of online retail portals are different.

There are myriad of pages:

A regular website that informs about the services of a company has very limited pages, which makes the search engine optimization somewhat easier. Talking about the e-commerce sites, there is a product page for every product the portal sells. Therefore, the company needs to optimize each page so that the product available on the portal could be found by the potential buyers.

There is always addition of new products:

E-commerce is a domain where the company will be adding new products regularly to expand their sales or to modify the business strategies. And, it is vital that the product pages of these new products are optimized efficiently. Otherwise, you won’t get the expected results.

Speed has to be fast:

Talk to any experienced digital marketer, and he/she will tell you how important the loading time of a website is. Slow websites not only offer a bad experience to your customers but also upsets the search engines like Google. In case of online retail websites, the speed gets slower due to the presence of unnecessary plugins, heavy images, third-party widgets, and inefficient coding. To avoid these issues, you need to connect with a social media marketing Chicago that offers specialized services for e-commerce websites.

There are also category pages:

The category pages are considered the most powerful areas of an e-commerce portal. They need to be efficiently optimized to help you get the best results. The URLs have to be search-engine friendly and content has to be unique and user-friendly. Also deep-links related to product categories have to be built for better results.

All these factors show you can’t use the regular search engine optimization strategies for your online retail or wholesale business. A specialized strategy has to be planned and implemented to get desired results and avoid getting penalized.

The team can help you raise your e-commerce business-related marketing efforts through an efficient S.E.O plan. Several companies from Chicago that seek affordable S.E.O services connect with this agency for the results.

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