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My Ecom Club is a nationally-known e-Commerce program that teaches beginners and intermediates how to build a business around the eCommerce drop shipping model.

My Ecom Club uses a step-by-step training program to walk you though all areas of building your e-Commerce brand (e.g. shop name, website design, research, and marketing).

Lately, My Ecom Club has been getting a lot more attention and more people are asking whether My Ecom Club is a Scam?

While the quick answer is no, there are many details that you must know about My Ecom Club if you’re one of the many people considering investing in the program.

To help you decide, we’ve written a thorough My Ecom Club review.

What Exactly Is My Ecom Club?

My Ecom Club is a membership training program that was created to help people succeed with e-Commerce. The goal of the program is to teach beginners and intermediates how to build a thriving e-Commerce business from scratch.

The whole point of the membership is to provide ongoing training as the e-Commerce industry evolves, share new techniques and strategies, and help beginners succeed as they build their businesses.

The basic membership gives you access to the following:

– Monthly training calls that teach you the latest techniques and strategies.
– Access to the private Facebook group where you can ask for help and connect with other members.
– eCommerce templates that make it easy for you to build a website and start selling online.

The paid membership includes all the above but also offers:

– A 6 step program that takes you from the very beginning and walks you through to a functional e-Commerce store
– Training on finding top selling products that also give you a lot of room for profitability.
– Exclusive strategies on how to build websites that sell and get traffic.
– Access to a personal coach to help guide you on your journey.

Moving from a basic to a paid membership is totally optional and will depend on your comfort level. However, you will always have the option to move up when you’re ready to learn more advanced e-Commerce strategies.

Overall, this is a real training program that’s designed to help you build an e-Commerce business whether or not you have experience with the e-Commerce industry or know how to build websites.

Why the Mixed Feedback About My Ecom Club?

While most of the feedback from customers is positive (they have a 4.4 out of 5 star rating on Facebook), the program has received some negative reviews as well.

For example, many have said My Ecom Club is over the top with communication.

Some consider this level of engagement unnecessary. Others are grateful for the motivation it provides and say this type of support is lacking in other programs and exactly what they needed.

Another critique is that My Ecom Club tries to sell you on “ready-made websites” designed from start to finish. In our view, that’s NOT necessarily a bad thing because many beginners don’t know how or have the time to design their own website.

This way they can start selling almost immediately. However, the ready-made websites are
optional, and you can continue with your training with or without the site build.

That said, the done-for-you stores are not cheap, but compared to what it takes to have someone else build a site for you, the price they charge is easily justified.

Here are some reasons why My Ecom Club is legit:

– The founder and team behind My Ecom Club are accessible. If you need help or are experiencing any problems, you can easily reach out to them.
– You get access to a functioning community. This is not a scam where you are sold a program and expected to figure out how to make it work alone.
– The program offers a money back guarantee for paid memberships. If you’re not satisfied, their team is responsive and issues refunds.
-It’s an actual ongoing training program that provides solid training for both beginners and intermediates.

Final Thoughts

My Ecom Club is a legitimate program, and it’s perfect for anyone thinking about getting started with e-Commerce. The program has been designed to be relevant for people of all skill levels. There are
upsells available to those looking to bypass the design and research process, however these are totally optional.

Overall, we think that My Ecom Club is a good fit for beginners that are new to e-Commerce. The step by step training is solid and the support you get is helpful.

To learn more about the program go to the link below:

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