July 24, 2024

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E-Commerce – What You Need?

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Since the advent of internet, dictionary has been changed a lot. New words are coming and added up. Businesses are getting new meanings. In such terms Ecommerce is widely used in IT world. What is Ecommerce. Ecommerce is simply doing business online.

Is it worth to have Ecommerce for all the businesses? No, this is not true. Ecommerce is only viable for those businesses, which are willing to cross the boundaries and are not limited to a specific local area. This can be a small retail store selling sweets to a huge multinational company selling medicines.

There is lot of potential in Ecommerce. It is the most in expensive way of doing business but it need well planned strategy and patience. It takes years to get your position on the internet and start getting real customers.

In order to start Ecommerce what you need is a good web site with complete ecommerce facilities and then search engine optimization of your site so that it can start pulling real customers.

In Ecommerce solution there should be facilities for:

1. Product catalogue

2. Order Management

3. Merchant Account

4. Shipping

5. Client Management

It should be so simple that any one can buy products easily from your web site. Web site should also give a feel of comfort particularly for the safety of credit card so that every one can shop with any fear of misuse of credit card.

Site must have attraction for the visitors so that they can come again and again. There should be some sort of incentive for buying online.

Shipping should also be prompt and reliable.

This is very important not to jump in the ecommerce without thoroughly searching the net and having plan for your site. It is always good to prompt your site in a limited area than doing it globally.

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