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Cheap Desktop Computers Vs Cheap Laptops

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Cheap Desktop Computers Vs Cheap Laptops

Computers have become a way of life and almost every household has at least one. Kids need them for their homework, families use them to stay in touch, and professionals need their electronic devices for their business. If you do not have a computer, you pretty much have become an anomaly.

Computers come in many shapes, sizes, colors and brands. Some are very expensive, while others are more affordable. The two main categories are desktops and laptops. The first one is stationary, while laptops are smaller, lightweight and can be taken along.

If money is tight, yet a computer is an absolute necessity, it may be wise to thoroughly research the topic. Only when you understand the major differences between cheap desktop computers and inexpensive laptops, will you be able to make an informed decision.

Advantages of discounted laptops

• They are portable and can be moved easily from one location to another – you can even take them with you to school, work, on the bus, the airport, an Internet café, etc.

• Laptops take up less space, which makes them easier to store.

• They are less heavy than cheap desktop computers.

• You can hide them to protect them from praying eyes or thieves.

• Because a laptop has a battery you can still use your computer for a while when there is a power outage – as long as your battery is charged.

• Older, discounted models may have fewer features than their successors, but will still work just as well.

Disadvantages of discounted laptops

• They typically cost more than a desktop.

• Upgrading and repairing them is more difficult.

• Thieves can get their hands on them more easily.

• Usually have smaller hard drives, less memory and slower CPU

• Laptops are inherently more subject to damage than desktops.

Can afford the expense, buy one of each. You can use your laptop while mobile, and enjoy the benefits of a more powerful desktop model while at home.

Advantages of cheap desktop computers

• Full-size computers are more affordable than comparative laptops.

• Upgrading them is much simpler and less expensive.

• They are faster than comparative laptops.

• Desktops are better for playing games, multimedia, and other high intensity computing needs.

• Accessories like the keyboard, mouse and screen are easier to use.

• Stationary computers are harder to steal.

• You won’t accidentally forget your desktop on the bus, train.

• It is easier to use a desktop than a laptop for extended periods of time.

• No worries about recharging batteries. As long as you have power, you are good to go.

Disadvantages of cheap desktop computers

• You cannot take a personal computer with you on the road.

• They are more bulky than cheap laptops.

When it is decision time, you will have to sit down and think about all the advantages and disadvantages listed above. In the end, which computer you choose will be a matter of personal choice, your lifestyle preferences, and how money you have budgeted for your computer needs.

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