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Ways To Communicate Dance Studio Policies With Parents

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How to Partner With Parents at Your Dance Studio

No matter you are getting ready for the registration rush of a new dance session or planning an exciting summer camp program, you have likely had dialogues with your dance tutors around the policies of the studio, such as:

  • What policies should be added?
  • Which policies need to be updated?
  • Which policies should we keep?

These are wonderful questions to ask yourself and your team of dance instructors as you prepare a new session of classes. Follow along as we take a look at why policies are essential for the dance studio and the ways to effectively communicate policies to parents with dance studio management software so you can head into another successful dance session!

What are policies and the reason they are essential to dance studios?

Simply put, policies are common set of rules and guidelines for the dancers and parents to abide by. Setting the expectations for the dance studio upfront creates a positive experience for you and your customers.

A few of the most common dance studio policies we hear our clients creating and enforcing include:

  • Autodraft payments
  • Recital participation
  • Photo release
  • Withdrawal notice
  • Tuition and fee schedule, including late fees
  • Scheduling makeup’s
  • Dress code

Not certain what to include in the dance studio policies? Brainstorm general questions you and your tutors are asked all over the dance season and mull over which topics make sense as a policy or guideline for you to add for the next session.

What makes sharing dance studio policies with parents essential?

Each dance studio is unique and so is dance studio software. It is best to mull over the customers and what you would them to be familiar with regarding your processes and procedures the moment they sign up for dance classes. Providing parents with the opportunity to be prepared for your expectations creates a positive relationship between you, the dance, and the family.

After all, you can’t hold a person responsible for not abiding by rules and guidelines if they do not know what they are. Having policies in place from the starting of the session protects you and your staff when it is time to implement them.

How to communicate the policies of your dance studio with parents?

You have got the policies mapped out and created, not it is time to communicate those policies to parents. Not to worry, it is much simpler than you think!

The best time to notify parents of policies for the dance studio is when they are signing up for classes. No matter they are a brand-new family registering for the 1st time or a family coming back for one more season of classes and enrolling through the Parent Portal, it is always a wonderful idea to ensure that you have an updated agreement on file at the time of enrollment.

With all-encompassing studio management software for online dance classes such as Dipme, you can tailor policies by class, meaning your summer camps can have different policies from your recreational classes and those competitive team classes! | Newsphere by AF themes.