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Tips to generate high-quality backlinks

To rank higher in search engine ranking, it is important to have backlinks. Backlinks are one of the most important factors to rank higher. They also lead to higher organic traffic. However, it is not easy to create backlinks as you might often be penalized for doing it wrong.

It is easy to purchase backlinks or even generate them without the fear of getting penalized. All you need to know is a technique called the Broke Link. This technique can generate a lot of high-quality natural backlinks. Here are the steps you need to follow to generate backlinks.

Shortlisting target websites

You should make a list of certain websites from which you want to purchase backlinks. These are the website which you should target.  If you have never done it before, you can start with a simple approach. Go for top websites or blogs which are similar to those with a niche. There are always going to be some top websites in every niche. If you are unaware of any such websites, do not worry, you can always run a Google search and find it. While searching, use the keywords matching your niche. Avoid acquiring backlinks from websites from another niche. This is because if there are any irrelevant backlinks in a certain niche, then those backlinks are going to get a huge search engine penalty by Google Penguin. 

Use the Check My Links tool

This tool is a chrome extension that searches various websites and web pages and identifies any broken links on it. The Check My Links tools should be used on the shortlisted websites which you planned to target earlier. After the identifications of the potentially broken lists on those websites, you can process to acquire the backlinks. Next, you will need to send an email to the blog owners.

Create Better content

After the broken links are identified you need a good piece of content to replace the broken link. The main idea is to let the owner of the blog or the website know that there is a broken link on their website and you could provide them a good content whom they can replace it with. It is important to have better content than the one which was already present on the website. Otherwise, it decreases the chances of the owner choosing your content over theirs. Make your content informative and also make it visually attractive.

In Conclusion

If done right, you can easily purchase backlinks and this technique could be really helpful for you as well as other websites and blogs.