June 17, 2024

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The Essentials Of Software Testing – What Everyone Must Know About Computer Software Testing

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Since we are living in a highly-technological age, the term computer software is not really new to us. They are basically found in a majority of electronic gadgets that we commonly see or utilize – from the computers that we use for the internet to the system applications that make basic machineries operate. Indeed, their emergence to our society has revolutionized the way we live our lives and it is because of this that future prospects are being cast regarding the growing demand of computer software in the future. So what then is software testing?

Just like any other products that we see that are being circulated around the market, each of these products need to pass a certain qualification or standard before being made available for public use. Similarly, that’s what software testing does. It ensures that a software program passes a certain standard or quality as determined by professional computer testing experts before it is used by programmers to operate applications, gadgets and other computer systems.

For us to understand the whole process better, software testing can be summarized into three processes: verification, error detection and validation. Let’s take a look at each process step. Verification, from the root word verify, refers to the step of validating or verifying the capabilities and qualities of the software that is developed to see if it passes or reaches the desired standards or requirements before considering it for general use.

But what if the software and its parts suddenly go wrong? Now that’s where the process of error detection comes in. This step will subject the specific software program to a series of tests where it is expected to fail under normal circumstances. Of course, if it withstands those series of tests without failing the required standards, then it is approved.

The final test that it needs to hurdle is the validation step, which requires the software program to perform the tasks or services it was made for. And if the software program successfully hurdles all these three steps, it will then be subjected to a final series of test application to determine its suitability for higher-end technological services. So in other words, the software program will stage a successful run among all of these tests, then it will now be used for general distribution and usage.

What are the implications of software testing to our society? Well, people might find this technological process complicated but actually, it can potentially help and save our environment from future damages that abused technologies can bring. Software testing enables testing experts to determine at the initial stage the probable factors that can cause technological system damage to particular software programs and its possible adverse affects if misused in the long run. Overall, it will help experts generate data or facts that will help them improve on their researches on the field of computer technology in order to produce more innovative and technologically-beneficial products in the future.

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