June 18, 2024

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Simple But Effective Tools for Daily Computer Troubleshooting As a Layman

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Almost every personal computer user faces slow windows problem while official working or exploring entertaining stuff. Sometimes this problem occurs very frequently and creates unavoidable frustration. For a common person perspective, it is very difficult to get a detailed idea for the processes and files causing trouble with the computer. At the same time if that problem is not identified and fixed properly, it keeps on irritating and even may cause the windows crashed.

I also had faced the same issues and tried to find appropriate solutions over the internet. Then I came to know about some useful and light weighted tools that can help to maintain the pc without any cost. Even there are certain websites that offers free information for all windows process and windows files. Fileinspect.com is one of them.

They are offering free and valuable information for all windows processes files. This info is self explanatory and one can easily analyze what process is harmful and either keeps with the system or not. Apart from windows files, there are pretty useful tool for day to day system maintenance.

Auslogics Boost Speed

If you are a home user and looking for efficient computer maintenance software that can repair your PC without any trouble then Auslogics BoostSpeed is the best solution. BoostSpeed is an efficient computer system maintenance tool that repairs the system quite comprehensively, increases its efficiency, speed and components management ability. Highly integrated with state-of-the-art technology, this software is ideal to keep your computer safe and steady.

Basic attribute for this PC maintenance tool is the flexibility to be used for personal as well as official workings. It is very important for any user to keep the system working properly and take precautionary steps right before it goes down. BoostSpeed greatly helps to pre determine the system errors and fix them accurately.

Task Manager Software

Again particularly for home users, task management software is awesome. No need to use windows built-in task manager, instead use their program that works easily and speedily. This software provides additional information for all the processes and files being used by the system. Even it identifies the dangerous processes so that one can take well before time action and save the system from any unusual happening. Excellent tool to manage windows processes.

Sidebar Gadget

Another remarkable software that not only provides detailed information for all the process running on your system but also shows CPU and RAM usage for every process. Now if you are able to exactly know which process is consuming your system resources, you can easily take immediate step to increase system speed.

There are many other tools available over the internet that can be explored separately. But one thing is ascertained that one has to use these types of utilities in order to keep the system efficient and error free. It often happens that sometimes error is too small but takes so much time to troubleshoot. For example a single incorrect registry entry can cause the system speed slow but for a lay man it is too difficult to identify. In this regard these kinds of software products definitely help.

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