July 24, 2024

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The Future of Memory

REVOLution-A New Technology of Communication

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Something curious happened! I had to experience it to believe it! About eight years ago, I was with a nonverbal friend and mentor, whom I heard demonstrated telekinetic abilities on occasion. But this was the first time, but not the last time I witnessed it. At the time, she was upset, seemingly at me, for not being able to hear her silent words intuitively. Angrily, she jumped up and down and pushed her forehead against mine. I was at a loss. I stepped back and picked up my iPhone, looked down at the screen and saw the word “REVOLUTION.” typed on it. Neither of us had touched the phone. Words appeared on my iPhone and iPad a few times after this initial incident.

Five years later, I received a text from my sister about an unsettling situation in the news. Before I had a chance to type a response, the words “DOMINOES ARE FALLING” appeared on my phone. Unlike when the word “REVOLUTION” appeared, I was alone, without any mystical partners around me. How or why it occurred, I do not know? Perhaps it was just some glitch in technology, or as I suspect, another energetic anomaly presented to catch my attention, and broaden my awareness of unseen realities.

Much has happened since those fateful words appeared, especially of late. Now in the middle of a pandemic, George Floyd’s shocking murder has activated people around the world, to come together, demand justice, and ignite much-needed conversations about police and political reform. Perhaps the magnitude of this primarily youth-lead revolution occurred because the collective evolution of people is finally ready and able to serve each other and the planet we call home.Telekinetic writing seldom happened, but many of my nonverbal mentors readily typed messages with or through me. I choose to refer to this currently misunderstood process as ECC-Energetically Connected Communication. It is a mystery – a futuristic technology of communication; I cannot fully understand or explain. It is a partnered form of communication, where our ideation seems to intertwine and flow through our combined awareness. Using ECC, one of my, silent friends scribed it:

“When we type or write together, we meld our souls as one, increasing our power and magnetism to unite with source energy. You are me, and I am you-union at our core. This partnership strengthens both our knowing. My accuracy is subject to your agenda and ego constraints. Sometimes you are pure, open, and un-obstructive. Other times, you create a barrier; I must circumvent.”

Amid the pandemic and continued protests for reform, I am amazed at the speed of which the “DOMINOES ARE FALLING.” A critical mass unhappy with the status quo continues to form as I pondered the concept of evolution as it relates to this seeing this worldwide “REVOLUTION.” I searched through my past ECC notes from silent souls, for clues.

“Ascension process underway. A burst of energy particle igniting the hearts and minds of men. Re-evaluation of priorities going to happen-more giving-less taking, feeling world politics under an ominous violation-revoking duty to serve the basic needs in every inhabitant’s life.”

“Stewardship is the attitude of the future. Control and power are being driven out by the critical mass of souls. Love of a community of souls is returning. God is pleased. Keep the faith during turbulent times. Elevation of souls united, shift outcomes.”

“Kind, loving souls are the most powerful channel for change. Join with each other, deepen your connection. We are wiser together than apart. Heartfelt dreams create new resonance for our planet – frequency is elevating to new heights amidst our troubled times. Do not get discouraged. Bring our world into the consciousness of people open to an evolved thought necessary to bring a change of heart and mind, where “joined thought” frees the ego from dominance. Individual greed subsides as the good of the many surpasses the wants of the individual. Religion becomes unified in bringing balance rather than discord. Love opens the door.”

I hope through these difficult and turbulent times, these powerful movements for systemic change positively alter current difficulties of racial, social, and economic inequities and elevates us to demand a more loving, equitable world for everyone. May this kinship blossom into a sense of stewardship for the planet we call home and all its inhabitants, plants, animals and minerals-a return to the Garden of Eden.

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