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Panamax Surge Protectors – For Best Power Surge Protection

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Panamax is a brand that designs and manufactures products that offer electrical and electronic protection to your home and working places and also filtration and control products. This company was founded in the year 1975 by Henry Moody and this brand is currently led by Bill Pollock who is the President of this firm. They also acquired Furman sound in the year 2006 and both these companies separately operate and produce power management products for different purposes. Panamax has given the power industry some unique technologies and innovative products that include in-wall protection, remote surge protection, rs232 and IP controllability that are focused on the custom installation market.

Panamax with its product innovations have amazed the market and its customers worldwide. They were the first to introduce in the market an automatic over/under voltage protection. This product results in less service calls and trouble-free surge protection technology. The brand has various products lined up that has introduced to the market in recent years that include the towerMAX and AllPath modular protection systems. These devices allow the customers to increase the area of their protection. Also Panamax with Furman its own subsidiary produces state-of-the-art AV components. These power management components are devices that are used to generate the best sound and picture from your entertainment devices and also protect these audio video devices from AC voltage abnormality and surges.

The company is better known for its various types and models of surge protectors and also is also known as Panamax surge protectors. Here are some of the Panamax popular products that have astounded the power management industry worldwide.

M8-HT Power Line Conditioner/Surge Protector: This is a device which is a reliable model that is used to improve picture and sound quality. This product through power cleaning and filtration functions eradicates the common contaminated power and by using this technology the A/V equipment can perform at its best. This device is also used to monitor incoming line voltage capabilities and continuously monitors the incoming line voltage and automatically cuts off the equipment in an event of over voltage or under voltage. This device also automatically reconnects the power when voltage returns to a safe level, eliminating service calls or system downtime.

M8-HT-PRO 8-Outlet Power Line Conditioner/Surge Protector: The M8-HT-PRO 8-Outlet Power Line Conditioner and Surge Protector of Panamax is used to get rid of the contaminated power that includes loss of detail, visual artifacts, pops and hisses. Its AVM circuitry regularly observes the incoming line voltage and beforehand disconnects the equipment to avoid any circumstances of an over-voltage an under-voltage. This particular device of Panamax is designed to provide noise isolation between any two isolated outlet banks. This feature eliminates the noise created by one AV component in one bank and cannot contaminate to the other equipment.

Miw-Power-Pro: One can use this particular product with the LCDs and ceiling projectors by providing safe and noise-free filtered power. Its voltage monitoring circuit offers protection to your equipments against lingering over voltages. This is done by disconnecting the power and reconnecting it when safe power returns.

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