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Marketing Through Your Website

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Marketing Through Your Website

Conventional marketing practice still prevails in businesses. Although there is a great projection that 21st century would mark the boom of online business opportunities, there is prognosis on how Internet will not actively achieve the task of realistic marketing. It is easy to foresee the plight of market in the Internet because of the obvious reasons:

THE PROMOTION IS COMPUTER BASED – items are virtually seen and marketed online, which means viewing of the products and services depend on the availability of the surfer and the hours spent on the computer. During office hours, time spent on computers are work-related, unless the product fits the purpose of browsing, then the marketing ads will not gain significance. The rest of the time will cater to surfers who view the net at home.

LINE CONNECTIONS – data travel through digital lines via telephone or cable connections. It means the speed of transmission will depend on this factor before the marketing scheme could be seen. Surfers leave a site in seconds once the desired contents can’t be viewed at once. Experts like Search Engines target a very fast loading time of 4 seconds for their websites.

COMPUTER AND INTERNET LITERACY – on corporate platform, this is not questionable. Visitors from corporations are more likely literate on the knack of the Internet and Information Technology. This is not an issue nowadays, but try to think on how non-computer users avail the market in reality as compared to the limits on what they can get when they are not facing the computer. That is where the limit is all about. Marketing in the real world is broader.

RELEVANT INTEREST VS PROMOTED PRODUCT – People visit the web to pave way to their interest. Tolerance is very low. A site that loads longer will lose potential browsers. Unless the site is recommended somewhere, it has slim chance of getting visited.

POP-UP CONFIGURATION – Older versions of browsers have no pop-up “on and off” option, which means people have no choice but to load the advertisement pop-ups. Nowadays, this could affect visibility of marketing tools.

BLACK PROPAGANDA – With the freedom of speech widely exploited around the World Wide Web, blogs could create great impact on one’s marketing strategy in few failures. Anybody could easily create fabricated stories without utmost reliability. If this happens against a certain website marketing, the news are easily reacted upon by net browsers from all walks of life.

But the Internet keeps on growing… It means the market goes on!

Website Marketing in its full advantage should only be geared to web-based products and services. If this is not the sole reason for promoting, then its purpose could only be for creating online presence and reference. The Internet has boomed since its primitive start during the 60’s. The current system and feel has been felt during the 90’s when few companies think progressively of putting up websites and start giving customer support via Internet.

Today, almost all commodities are transacted online. It is a haven for selling new products and the virtual means for all kinds of concepts for the sake of earning money. When one gets realistic in terms of adjusting to what technology can do, truly Internet is another world, or another stride where business happens conveniently even without leaving the house. One can order in one click, pay through online pay sites and wait for the arrival or shipping of the desired item bought online.

Website marketing is all about progressive business!

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