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Knowing Your Responsibility: How Do You Manage A Dedicated Server?

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Internet hosting services have three types which are namely: virtual private server, colocation center, and a dedicated server. The last type which is a dedicated server is a web server you would be leasing that would be used for you alone. It is an exclusive web server that you and your web site would be using with no one else to share it. This type is great especially if your web site creates a substantial amount of traffic in a day and if you and your clients are overly protective about their financial information since dedicated servers are very much secure.

Another good thing about a dedicated server hosting is that you have full access to customization meaning you would be able to plan and maintain the traffic your web site creates in a day. The memory of the web server and the data processing power are included as well as part of the full access you would have once you lease or rent a dedicated server. The question here is after you do lease a dedicated server is how do you manage it? Plus the question of how to set up a dedicated server is another focus. Dedicated Server Setup is quite different from the set up of ordinary web server setups which I will enlighten you on in the later part of this article.

Setting Up Your Dedicated Server

First of you would, of course, have to download all the needed applications that your web site requires. Download a dedicated server and after which get all the files of configuration. Configuration files would require another download which would be: mapslist.txt, soldat.ini, remote.txt and lobby_server.txt using an FTP then store these files in your PC (wherever you find convenient). The next step for the dedicated server setup is editing the file you downloaded which is soldat.ini. After that edit the file mapslist.txt and the lobby_servers.txt file. The final touches are next and these require you to save the files you had recently downloaded and uploaded them again into the main server where the file name is located. After all the steps you are now ready to start your server.

Managing Your Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is an extremely powerful web server for the use of your business or web site plus it is exclusive for you and your web site alone so managing it would need a lot of money and power. At the moment you opt for a dedicated server you are asked to choose between unmanaged and managed. Now let us focus on the dedicated unmanaged server. As the web host, you would be responsible for installing software on your server.

As mentioned you get full access to customization thus you would have to configure the server to the needs of your web site as well. Aside from that managing, a dedicated server includes monitoring the performance of the server plus the databases. Dedicated servers do get upgrades regularly but that would all still depend on you. Antivirus and firewall programs or software should be continuously updated as well. Now we don’t want to say that there are no problems with the server but in case of problems, you should be able to provide on-time troubleshooting that is effective and efficient enough. Since your web site does deal with financial and personal information you would also have to make sure that you take appropriate security measures to stop and early detect any forms of intrusion. Periodical audits are also being performed periodically.

The list may be long in regards to managing a dedicated server but these are simple and basic tasks you should be prepared for when you lease a dedicated server. Think of the benefits of a dedicated server and your responsibilities as well. Now you know how to set up a dedicated server and manage a dedicated server as well. Dedicated server setup and management do not always depend on the web host provider you would be renting it from, keep that in mind. | Newsphere by AF themes.