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Fix Zune Error 5

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Zune is a portable media player published by Microsoft. Zune error 5 has been recently reported by many Internet users across the globe. With the instructions given in this article, we will discuss a few steps to troubleshoot this error.

Simple ways to solve Zune Error 5:
Reconnect the player with holding + button
Fix Zune Registry Entries.
Reinstall Zune from Device Manager
Update the Driver
Download Windows Updates
Clean Temporary Files and Objects

Reconnect the Player with Holding + Button

To fix Zune error 5, reconnect the Zune player with holding + button as shown below:

Disconnect Zune from your computer.
Turn it off.
Reconnect it to your computer with holding + button simultaneously. Be sure to hold it for the next 25 seconds as well.
Microsoft Windows will go into the recovery mode and revive the player. And Found New Hardware wizard will appear which you shall follow then.

Fix Zune Registry Entries

In many cases, the Zune media player is not properly installed on the user’s computer. The solution is simple: download a System Cleaner software and install it. Scan the registry and fix all the problems that are found by it.

Reinstall Zune from Device Manager

Incomplete Zune device installation may cause Zune error 5. Reinstall it from the Device Manager tool with the help of following guidelines:

Type Device Manager and press ENTER.
Find out Zune from the list of all the devices.
Right click it and select Uninstall option.
Disconnect and then reconnect Zune.
In the Device Manager, right click your computer
Clicker name and select Scan for Hardware Changes.
Install Zune when your computer detects it.

Update the Driver

Using Device Manger, update the Zune device driver to solve Zune error 5:

Open Device Manger.
Right click Zune and select Properties.
Click Driver tab.
Click Update Driver button to automatically search for latest drivers online and install them, if found.

Download Windows Updates

Downloading and installing the latest updates will help fixing Zune error 5. Use the Windows Update tool as shown below:

Click Start.
Click All Programs | Windows Update.
Click Check for Updates button and follow the instructions.

Clean Temporary Files and Objects

Deleting the temporary type of files and objects will help fixing Zune error 5. The required steps are as follows:

Click Start.
Click All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk CleanUp.
Select a partition and press ENTER.
Follow any instructions that come on your screen.

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