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Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Escape Rooms

Over the past several years escape rooms have become more popular with several escape rooms near Plano. You’ve probably been scrolling through social media and seen posts from your friends holding silly signs like “We escaped!” or “We didn’t escape, it was his/her fault!”. Although escape rooms may seem like a pretty straightforward activity there are still things you may not know about them.

1. Escape Rooms Are Based On Japanese Video Games

Originating in Japan, Escape Games were multiplayer games that allowed players to interact with each other while stuck on one level. Players would work together to solve puzzles in order to advance to the next level. The first escape game was released in 2004 by Toshimitsu Takagi and was called Crimson Room. In Japan these games then became known as Takagim after the creator. The first real escape room was introduced in 2007 in Japan and the concept quickly caught on and spread across many countries.

2. There Are Thousands of Escape Rooms

Although escape rooms are popular with several escape rooms near Plano, just how popular are they? In the United States alone the number of escape rooms multiplied from 22 in 2014 to over 2,300. Escape rooms are not just popular in the United States though as there are over 1,500 escape rooms in the United Kingdom.

3. You Can Compete In Escape Rooms

This is a recent addition to escape rooms to keep them fresh and fun for repeat players. You can choose to go head to head against another player or even against another team. This is becoming increasingly popular for large groups of people such as bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and more. The group splits in half and then competes to see which group can make it out of their escape room the quickest. Some escape room venues have similar rooms so that two teams can compete at the same time or the teams may choose to each compete in the same exact room with each team waiting a turn. However your group chooses to play it’s sure to be a blast!

4. You Probably Won’t Escape

Escape rooms are built with timers in play so that many groups get to play the room each day. If you don’t escape before the time is up, you’ll likely be left holding up an embarrassing or funny sign for a photo op. However, don’t be defeated as not many people can escape the room on their first try. Trying again is always a good idea either by yourself, with a close friend, or with a group of friends as you never know who might be able to solve each clue. Even if you don’t escape the room in time someone will come let you out so don’t be worried that you’ll be locked in there forever. Also, you will be able to leave knowing that even though you didn’t escape you tried your best and had a lot of fun doing it.

5. There Are Escape Room Championships

The first escape room championship was held in London in April 2019 and was a two day event with 23 teams from all over the world. Each team had to pass through a qualifying round to enter the championship and the winning team made it out of the specially designed escape room in just over 27 minutes. If you’ve been to several escape rooms and managed to make it out before the timer expired then perhaps you and your team should try out for the escape room championship!