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A Secret Solar Energy Technology

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A Secret Solar Energy Technology

Two of the greatest obstacles encountered by the solar energy industry are related to costs and efficiency. In order to compete with conventional power producers, a small company has developed a secret solar energy technology. The company is V3 Solar and they have discovered the new Spin Cell Technology. Can we expect lower costs and greater efficiencies for our solar energy? This article will investigate the new invention and explore the exciting implications it could bring to the entire solar industry.

Spin Cell Technology– This new idea is a departure from the world of static flat panel solar collectors. The Spin Cell is basically a cone of glass that covers and revolves around a photovoltaic cell. The glass concentrates the solar energy onto the PV cell at various different angles to produce electrical energy. Greater energy efficiency is achieved even when the sunlight is not at an optimum angle. Next we will discuss just how good these efficiencies can be.

20 X more energy– V3 Solar company officials claim that they can produce 20 times more energy from the same amount of silicon than traditional flat panels. This could lead to much lower costs per watt of electricity. One of the more exciting aspects of this new technology is the fact this also means that you can create more electrical energy in a smaller area of operation. A much smaller footprint is a huge advantage since most home owners and businesses have only a limited area for the optimal placement of solar collectors. We will now take a look at the cost of ownership for the average consumer.

A total lower cost of ownership– V3 Solar company CEO Michael Neistat states the solar industry should focus on the total cost of ownership rather than the normal standard of cost per watt. The total cost of ownership takes into consideration square footage of space required. Maintenance cost, purchase price, and longevity of the units are also factored into the equation. One big advantage of the spin cell unit is that an inverter will be part of the assembly. This means the unit will export AC electricity and a separate inverter will not be required. This will reduce overall costs and avoid problems that sometimes are encountered with the larger whole-house inverters. Neistat estimates that costs as low as.08 cents per kilowatt of electricity produced could be achieved. That would be a lower cost than conventional utilities can provide and much lower than the.28 cost per KW of using static flat panel solar systems.

We have explored the new spin cell technology. We examined the promises of greater energy efficiencies and the total lower cost of ownership. Spin cell technology could totally change the solar industry and the way in which we produce solar electricity for our homes and businesses. The technology looks very promising but is not yet available to the public. If the secret spin cell technology can make good on its promises, it will not only change the solar industry, but the entire sustainable energy sector as well.

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