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How to Write E-Commerce Product Descriptions That Work

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Writing a product description is simply making a list of the product’s e-commerce specifications and features. It appeals to your customers to make informed decisions whether or not to buy your product. It is the ultimate deciding factor in a purchase, make sure to do it right.

Focus on your target customer

Write a product description targeting your target customers in mind. Address your ideal buyers directly and personally as if you are having a conversation with them. When writing product descriptions, think of it as talking to your ideal buyer and what would you say if you are talking to them face-to-face.

Some of the aspects you need to consider are the following:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Regional area
  • Social status

Feature the benefits

When buying a product, the first thing I look for are its features and why can I benefit from it. So when selling products, don’t focus on defining most of its features and specifications, think of it as what would your customers benefit from your product. This is why you need to focus on the benefits of each feature.

When highlighting the benefits, don’t think of it as selling the product, but selling the experience.

Less is more

When writing a product description, consider only these main points:

  1. Describe the product
  2. Help make the reader make informed decisions
  3. SEO

A product description should be only at about 150 to 300 words. Keep your descriptions as short as possible because customers need that information fast. Not only that, it keeps you focused on the information needed and helps you write more important features of the product.

Appeal to their imagination

If you describe your product description as if they already own the product, their desire to grab one increases. As an e-commerce website, it is critical to make them imagine as if they were holding the product and using it already. Let the readers feel what it would be like to own your product.

Avoid generic phrases

Most of the time, if we are stuck with words while writing product descriptions we end up with bland, and generic phrases like “excellent shoes”. What’s not to like about these catch phrases? You see these phrases all the time that customers might think: “Sure… everybody says that”. Our goal is to stand out from the rest, so make a product description that gives you an impression of quality. So instead of writing generic phrases, use an even better approach. Make each of your description define “excellent” even further.

Use sensory words

You’ve seen it in restaurants, chocolates, and even sumptuous desserts. What makes them appealing? They use sensory words. Sensory words get the customers to use most of their senses by making them experience the copy while reading. Think about the words like smooth, crispy, or velvety. Does that make you crave for the product?

As an e-commerce website, you need to sell a product in order to survive online. One way to sell a product is to craft a well-written description that appeals to your customers and makes them want to buy it.

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