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Advantages of the PACS Viewer

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A PACS viewer – which is essentially a basic PC with specialized software and a high-resolution monitor – allows any health care professional to view medical images made in a wide range of imaging modalities. No longer is it necessary to deal with complicated film developing equipment and expensive and toxic chemicals. Images made with MRI, EKG, EEG, CT, CAT scans or X-rays can be saved as digital images and studied with a PACS viewer.

Medical Imaging Enters the Digital Age

Picture Archive and Communications, or PACS systems, were first used at the Ohio State University Medical Center in 1991. At that time, PACS systems were quite expensive; only major hospitals could afford the mid-to-high six figure price tag of such systems. Nonetheless, over the ensuing decade, OSUMC PACS systems saved over $1 million dollars, thus paying for itself. In addition, it saved thousands of man-hours on the part of physicians, reducing the time between initial consultation and final dictation of a case to three hours.

PACS Workstations

Any personal computers that are tied into the hospital or clinic LAN can function as PACS workstations, provided that the correct software is installed and you have high-resolution monitors. Using a current PC as a PACS viewer saves money and makes better use of existing resources. PACS systems make it possible for any authorized person to view medical images on these PACS viewers; they can even be shared with colleagues anywhere in the world over the World Wide Web for purposes of consultation.


PACS systems do more than allow users to look at images; they are a complete integrated system for archival storage of all patient records as well patient scheduling, and most important of all, billing. At PACS workstations, clinic administrative personnel can accomplish many different tasks in one convenient place.

The PAC viewer is also suitable for all specialties and every area of medicine; PAC workstations for radiology, cardiology, mammography and even veterinary medicine. In short, the pacs viewer [] is for any hospital or clinic facility that wishes to deliver the best health care services at the lowest possible cost.

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